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Jennifer Semeniuk, RMT


Even after working for over 21 years as a massage therapist I still get the question, what made you want to be a massage therapist? I’m not sure there is one certain thing that led me to a career in Massage Therapy. As a child I was forever “fixing” my pets and playing around with pretend potions. So for my adolescent years I thought that I would become a veterinarian and then one day I just decided that Massage Therapy was my new path. At that time I’m not sure what made me make that decision. I know that from years of massaging my family member’s backs and my father regularly seeing a massage therapist was a factor. Beyond that I just l knew that Massage Therapy was the path for me without really knowing why.


Now I realize that it was the amazing gift of being able to relieve someone’s pain and suffering just by massaging a back or neck was what really drew me to this path. I have the ability to brighten someone’s day, create amazing relationships with my clients and a chance to always keep learning.


I am incredibly blessed to be in this profession, every day for me is living my purpose in this world and being at one with my better self.

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