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COVID-19 Information

Prior to your appointment:


24hrs before each appointment, you will need to complete a Precautionary Coronavirus Liability Release Form.  If you like you can do this online with this google form. Please do not fill this out more than 24hrs before your appointment and if anything changes please notify me immediately. If you do not wish to fill out this form online,  I will have paper copies in the office for you to complete upon arrival. 


If you have ANY symptoms of the coronavirus and have not had a negative test associated with these particular symptoms you must cancel your appointment. There will be no cancellation fees associated with this. You can find all the symptoms here If you have had a negative test and you have symptoms you must contact me prior to your appointment so we can have a quick conversation. I understand that allergy symptoms and other conditions very much look like the coronavirus. 


On the day of your appointment:


In order to prevent any congestion in our lobby, we ask that you remain outside until I text or call you, letting you know I am ready for you to enter the office. If you do not have a cell phone I will come to the front door of the building to greet you. 


In order to eliminate any possible physical distancing problems in our lobby, all billing and such will be done directly in my massage room. 


Upon arriving you will be asked to use the hand sanitizer at the front door. If you rather wash your hands that is completely fine as well. 


During your treatment:


I will be wearing a mask the entire duration of your visit. And I will ask you also to wear a mask when face-up during the massage and if possible when entering the clinic. When you are face down I understand breathing through a mask would be more than uncomfortable so I will have a towel on the stool below the headrest to catch any droplets. If you would like to wear your own cloth mask please do, if you do not have one I can provide one to you. 


I deeply understand that masks are uncomfortable and that some you may not wish to wear one. While it is not legally required for you to wear a mask I do have the ability to require it in my practice. If you do not wish to wear a mask I urge you to contact me and explain the reasons - if it is for a medical condition we may be able to find a different solution. Outside of any special needs or considerations, the mask will be required for you to receive a massage. 


Clinic Hygiene:


All surfaces will be disinfected prior to your appointment. We have switched some furniture in order to be able to achieve this.


I will have an air purifier in my room - this is to minimize any droplets in the air. 


I will be changing my clothing between appointments - also to minimize any cross-contamination between clients. 


Every single linen surface in the treatment room will be sanitized and only used for one client. That included the blanket, pillow linens, etc. I have purchased vinyl covers for both my table and pillow so that I may disinfect them between each appointment as well. 


Thank you very much for reading through everything. The success of getting back to work really does rely upon us working together to achieve a safe clinic space for myself and every other client I have. 

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