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Herb Infused Oils

Classes and Workshops


Herbs at Home - Cold and Flu Class

Join Jennifer, Herbalist Student craft some of her favorite cold and flu remedies. We will cover the proven benefits of each herb and ingredient, talk about safety and proper usage and she will guide you through how to make each remedy so that you see just how easy it is to make your own products!  

This class is available in-person or as a take home kit. Each version will give access to prerecorded tutorials. For the take home kit you will need to use your own common kitchen items: pot, double boiler or heat safe glass measuring cup, spatula, bowls and your stove. Items will be covered in the beginning of each video to make it simple for you to get set up. Everything is provided in the in-person workshop.

In-person classes will be November 26th and December 3rd from 1pm - 3pm at my office. Each class is limited to 4 participants and will supply everything you need to craft 4 remedies: A menthol chest rub, a nourishing salve, menthol shower steamers and a warming and detoxifying foot bath.

The fee for either kit is $75. Each kit provides you with over $100 worth of product, enough for yourself and to share!

To sign up for the in-person class please follow this link.

To reserve a kit for the take home kit you can sign up here.

Or use links below.


The kit will be available for pick up starting November 14th at my office. I will be emailing you with all the details after you sign up.

All classes/kits must be prepaid and will not be held until payment is secure. This kit is limited to 15 total and will be a first come first serve basis. If there is more interest for in-person classes they will be added in December.

Curious about each remedy you will make? Read more about each below.

Meditation Classes


Classes are designed for beginners and experienced people alike. 

Each class will combine breathwork, mindfulness and a guided meditation. I use the lessons from nature to ground and inspire your practice.

Classes will resume 2023

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